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 Lorz holdings on behalf of Partec offers; software, reagents, protocols, accessories, application support, excellent training and first-class after-sales service.

Flow cytometers 

Accurate, reproducible and cost-effective flow cytometry results can be achieved with both the award-winning CyFlow® Cube 8, a stand-alone laboratory flow cytometer and the CyFlow® Cube 6, a portable dual-laser flow cytometry system. The CyFlow® Cube 6 is a lower-priced cytometer employing 6 optical parameters, while the CyFlow® Cube 8 uses 8 optical parameters. The more powerful CyFlow® Cube 8 is available with a built-in CyFlow® Sorter module for diamond-piezo-based, closed, non-destructive and non-hazardous cell and particle sorting; it uses Windows CyView® software for acquisition of on- and off-line data analysis. 


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